Friday, August 06, 2010

Review of The Sound of Poets Cooking

Scott Owens, editor of Wild Goose Poetry Review, has reviewed the new anthology The Sound of Poets Cooking, recently published by Jacar Press and edited by Richard Krawiec.

To read the review and learn more about the anthology, go to Wild Goose Poetry Review.

Release of anthology: The Sound of Poets Cooking, Jacar Press

Jacar Press, of Durham, NC, has recently released its anthology The Sound of Poets Cooking. It's a diverse and eclectic collection of poems by nationally celebrated writers, alongside recipes created by poets and their friends. Proceeds from the sales of this book will go to fund writing workshops in underserved communities.

The anthology features work by five dozen poets, including NC Poet Laureates Fred Chappell and Kathryn Stripling Byer, and dozens of other nationally celebrated writers. The poems alternate with recipes written by the poets, their family members, lovers and friends. The writing is at turns sensuous, hilarious, elegant, and playful. The recipes range from Asian, through European, to Middle Eastern dishes, as well as regional favorites from across the U.S.--tiramisu, homemade curry, vegetarian meals, exotic seafood, some simple, some complex. There is something here for every palate, literary and culinary.

To order, go to Jacar Press

Malaika King Albrecht * Leila Allen * Anne Clinard Barnhill * Coyla Barry * Joseph Bathanti * Michael Beadle * Roberta Beary * Amy Knox Brown * Grey Brown * Sally Buckner * Kathryn Stripling Byer * Fred Chappell * Kelly Cherry * Jim Clark * Sara Claytor * Patty Cole * Ellen Compton * Debra A. Daniel * Susan Delphine Delaney * M. Scott Douglass * Sally Ann Drucker * Allison Elrod * Terri Kirby Erickson * Cathryn Essinger * Deborah Finkelstein * Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda * Peggy Gambill * Jaki Shelton Green * Cordelia Hanemann * John Hoppenthaler * Alice Owens Johnson * Paul Jones * Steven B. Katz * Debra Kaufman * Deborah P. Kolodji * Bruce Lader * Sarah Lindsay * Susan Ludvigson * Al Maginnes * Susan Meyers * Lenard D. Moore * Florence Nash * Valerie Nieman * Scott Owens * Randy W. Pait * Gail Peck * Carol Peters * Diana Pinckney * Barbara Presnell * Tony Reevy * Chad Lee Robinson * Lynn Veach Sadler * Joanna Catherine Scott * Pat Riviere-Seel * Andrea Selch * Maureen Sherbondy * Rie Shontel * Marty Silverthorne * Mark Smith-Soto * Shelby Stephenson * Myrna Stone * Julie Suk * Jo Barbara Taylor