Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday, Nov. 15 poetry workshop: Fishing for Poems

Susan Meyers, instructor
November 15, 2012
Thurs.,10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Waccamaw Higher Education Center
160 Willbrook Blvd., Litchfield, SC

In this writing workshop we’ll be casting for poems, our method somewhat like throwing out a fishing line in first one spot and then another. By the end of the workshop, participants will have several poem drafts to take home for revision, as well as new strategies for filling the poetry pail. Class packet included. Within two weeks after the workshop concludes, participants have the option of emailing a poem to the instructor for feedback.

Lunch can be brought or bought nearby.
XWRIT 524 W03      
$30, plus one-time-per-semester $20 OLLI membership fee
To register: 843-349-6584

2013 Poet's Market

At the end of last May, editor Robert Lee Brewer put out a call for submissions of unpublished poems, with plans to select 20 and publish them in the 2013 Poet's Market. In the fall he announced the 20 poems selected, and my poem "Wind Chimes, Minus the Wind" was one of them. How exciting for me to have a poem published in Poet's Market! Thank you, Robert Lee Brewer.

2013 Poet's Market

Here's a list of the 20 poets and their poem titles. Congratulations to all the other poets:
  • Kelli Russell Agodon, "On Some Other Planet We're Newlyweds"
  • Nin Andres, "Ghosts"
  • Pris Campbell, "Sackcloth"
  • Jessie Carty, "The Painter's Pantoum"
  • Sage Cohen, "Dear Fritz Guest House"
  • Iris Jamahl Dunkle, "Photography Lesson, Pt. Reyes"
  • Terri Kirby Erickson, "At the Bowling Alley"
  • Patricia Fargnoli, "When I Re-Read His Letters"
  • Jen Karetnick, "Arrival: A Love Villanelle for Haiti"
  • Jeffrey H. MacLachlan, "Sea Ghost, Fire of the Sea"
  • Susan Laughter Meyers, "Wind Chimes, Minus the Wind"
  • Heather M. Moore Niver, "Flinging the Unsaid into the Surf or Seeing You Again . . . "
  • Shann Palmer, "Occluded"
  • Nancy Posey, "Follow the Leader"
  • Nate Pritts, "Frost at Midmorning"
  • Karen Rigby, "Echolocation"
  • Rebecca Givens Rolland,
  • Linda Simoni-Wastila, "Greetings from Motel 6"
  • Kelli Simpson, "Hands to"
  • Joannie Stangeland, "As a Beginning"
You can go to the Writer's Digest website for more information about this newly released edition of Poet's Market, as well as information for ordering a copy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mark Smith-Soto has won this year's James Applewhite Poetry Prize

Congratulations to Mark Smith-Soto, winner of the 2012 James Applewhite Poetry Prize for his poem "Last Retreat to Topsail Beach." The winning poem and those of the finalists will be published in the North Carolina Literary Review (NCLR). Mark's poem was selected by poet James Applewhite from the work of six finalists chosen by NCLR Poetry Editor Jeffrey Franklin. Almost fifty poets submitted to the competition.

Here are the finalists:
  • 2nd place: Laurence G. Avery’s poem “Only Yonaguska”
  • Honorable mention: Grace Cloris Ocasio’s “Little Girlfriend”
  • Other finalists:
    • Richard Betz’s “Picking Blackberries on Yellow Mountain Road” 
    • Samantha Lee Deal’s “North Carolina, This Will Be The Last Poem”
    • Susan Laughter Meyers’s “Banding Hummingbirds” and “Beggar’s-Lice”
NCLR has further details at its website.

Poems published by Poemeleon

Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry
has just posted its newest issue called The Epistolary Issue, and I'm pleased to have two poems in it: "Dear Heavy Traffic" and "Dear Yellow Speed Bump." There are thirty-five poets whose epistolary poems are published in this issue:
Congratulations to these poets and to the editors: Cati Porter, Ren Powell, Maureen Alsop, Tom C. Hunley, Judy Kronenfeld, Charlotte Davidson, and Lalanii Grant.