Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sunday, Dec. 9: Annual Holiday Women Authors Book Signing

Sunday, December 9
2 - 5 p.m.
Annual Lowcountry Women Authors Book Signing
Citadel Holliday Alumni House
Hagood Ave.
Charleston, SC
Free event, free gift wrapping, free parking
60 women authors with their books -- Center for Women, Charleston, SC
Readings throughout the afternoon

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Authors and Titles

Charlotte Beers - I'd Rather Be In Charge (2012)
Cindy Blackburn - Playing with Poison; Double Shot; Three Odd Balls
Avette Brown - . . . Cause I'm Me (2012)
Nina Bruhns - Shadow of the Shiek; A Kiss to Kill; If Looks Could Chill; Shoot to Thrill
Archie Burkel - The Joy of Hats
Susan Hudson Chellis - The Kitchen Table (2011)
Mary Clark Coy - Charleston, from a kid's eye view (2010); The Civil War Walking History Book (2010); The                Revolutionary War Walking History Book (2009); Charleston 101 (2003)
Katie Crouch - The White Glove War (2012); The Magnolia League (2012); Men and Dogs (2011); Girls in

              Trucks (2009)
Jan DiRuzzo -The Lost Mermaid~A Shem Creek Moonlight Jamboree (2009)
Sherry Dixon -Natural Destiny (2012)
Carol James Drolet - My White Cocoon (2008)
Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubert - Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking (2012); Southern Biscuits;

               Shrimp and Grits (2011); Nathalie Dupree's Southern Memories (2004); New Southern Cooking
Margaret Middleton Rivers Eastman - Hidden History of Civil War Charleston; Old Charleston Originals;

               Hidden History of Old Charleston; Remembering Old Charleston
Laura Fogarty -I’m the Boss of Me! (2011); Painted Blue (2009); I Can Do Anything! (2008); Larger Than Life

Lisa Foster - Janie Mitchell, Reliable Cook (2011)
Linda Grabeman -No Prissy Shoes
Nathalie Gregg -Leading in Stilettos
Jacqueline Gum -Confessions of a Corporate Slut, The Accuser's Burden
Helen R. Hammond and Martha K. Graham -Standing Straight and Tall, The Charleston Light at Sullivan's

              Island (2012)
Kathleen Hegenberger - My Mimi Has Wings
Lee Heyward - Simply Effortless Style (2011)
Lynne M. Hinkey -Marina Melee (2011)
Jane Hirsch -Art is a Powerful Language: Willard Hirsch- The Man, The Artist
Sheridan Hough - Mirror's Fathom: A Novel
Trish Hutchison - Girlology's There's Something New About You (2010); Girlology: Hang-Ups, Hook-Ups &

               Holding Out (2007); Girlology: A Girl's Guide To Stuff That Matters (2005) Ann Igoe
Ann Ipock -
Life is Short: I wish I was Taller; Life is Short, But It's Wide; Life is Short, So Read This Fast
Charlotte Jenkins - Gullah Cuisine: By Land and By Sea (2012 edition)
Migsie Jensen -Mommy, Where Were You?
Kate Boehm Jerome - Columbia and the State of South Carolina: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know (2011);

              Who Was Amelia Earhart?
Nadine Johnson -I Love (2011); I Am (2011); Last Night I Dreamt I was a Musician (2008); Last Night I Dreamt

              I was a Doctor (2008); Last Night I Dreamt I was a Teacher (2008)
Kami Kinard - The Boy Project

Ann Kulze, MD
- Eat Right for Life®; Eat Right for Life® Cookbook Companion; Eat Right for Life®: On The Go
Suzette Latsko - Brides' Advixor Charleston
Nancy Lorraine -The Butterfly Adventure (2012)
Nancy Mace - In the Company of Men (2002)
Deb Mangolt - Drink Wine and Giggle (2012)
Lynne Marie (Morgan) - The Lion's Lair (2012); The Seahawk's Sanctuary (2011)
Vikki Matsis -Inside An American Hostel: A Guidebook for Managers and Aspiring Owners (2012)
Terri McCrea
Dorothy McFalls
- Oak & Dagger (2013); The Scarlet Pepper (2012); Flowerbed of State (2011); as D McFalls:

               The Nude
Kim McLendon - Izzy and the Crystal of Power (2012) Galactic Guerillas Saga, Book 1 (2012)
Harriet McLeod - Good Morning, Lowcountry! (2011)
Janna McMahan - Anonymity (01/2013); The Ocean Inside (2010); Calling Home (2008); Undertow (2002);

               Literary Dogs and their South Carolina Writers
Amy Mercer - The Smart Woman's Guide to Eating Right with Diabetes (12/2012); The Smart Woman's Guide

               to Diabetes (2011)
Susan Laughter Meyers - Keep and Give Away (2006)
Jennifer E. Michaels - What is Love? My Question... God's Answer (2012)
Ashley Glenn Miller - Common Senseless (2012)
Mary Alice Monroe - Beach House Memories (2013); The Butterfly's Daughter (2012); The Beach House, 10th

             ann ed (2012); Last Light Over Carolina (2010); Time Is a River (2009); Swimming Lessons (2010);
             Turtle Summer (2007); Sweetgrass; Skyward; The Four Seasons; The Book Club; Girl in the Mirror
Dorothy Perrin Moore, PhD - Island in the Storm (2006); Careerpreneurs (2000); Womenpreneurs (2012)
Kathy Murphy, PhD - Your Possible Life: How To Build The Life Of Your Dreams (2011)
Valerie Perry Upper King Street (2011)
Sarah Renee - Enchanted Home (2012); Hunted Home (2011); Dash (2010); The Tiger Princess (2009)
Mary Caroline (Walker) Rhea - Lose Weight, Feel Great! (Even after Kids) (2011); Managing Life with Kids

Pattie Simone - Big Bold Business Advice (2012)
Jo Anne Simson - The God that Says I Am: A Scientist's Meditations on the Nature of Spiritual Experience
Heather Solos - Home-Ec 101 (2011)
Shari Stauch - Pool Player's Edge (2nd Edition) (2010); Precision Pool (2nd Edition) (2007)
Stephanie Suell - I Speak Female Poetically; Songs from My Soul; Hot Water Cornbread
Barbara Jean Sullivan - Born On The Kitchen Floor
Megan Waldrep and Melissa Nelson - Spice & Little Sugar (2011)
Marjory Wentworth - Taking a Stand, The Evolution of Human Right (non fiction); The Endless Repetition of an             Ordinary Miracle (poetry); Noticing Eden (poetry); Despite Gravity (poetry); Shackles (children's book)
Mary Whyte -
Down Bohicket Road (11/2012); Painting Portraits and Figures in

            Watercolor (2011); Working South (2011)

Karen Spears Zacharias - A Silence of Mockingbirds: Memoir of a Murderer (2012); Will Jesus Buy Me a
            Double-Wide? (2010); Where's Your Jesus Now? (2008); After the Flag Has Been Folded (2006); Hero
           Mama (2005)