Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, Sept. 18: Center for Women book signing

The Center for Women will host its Annual Lowcountry Women Authors Book Signing on Sunday, Sept. 18 from 2 to 5 p.m. The event will feature 60 area authors and will include scheduled readings throughout the afternoon. Admission is $10. Read the full scoop here:
Center for Women Book Signing

Ida Becker * Pat Branning * Cleo Scott Brown * Nina Bruhns * Susan Hudson Chellis * Alicia Chisholm * Maurita Corcoran * Mary Clark Coy * Julie Dash * Carol Ann Davis * Becky DeWitt * Jan DiRuzzzo * Carol James Drolet * Nathalie Dupree & Cynthia Graubart * Margaret Middleton Rivers Eastman * Carolyn Evans * Dixie Fanning * Lissa D'Aquisto Felzer * Linda Annas Ferguson * Laura Fogarty * Lisa Foster with Mary Lou Murray Coombs * Dorothea Benton Frank * Mary Edna Fraser * Nathalie Gregg * Pattie Welek Hall * Patti Calahan Henry * Holly Herrick * Tricia Hutchison * Charlotte Jenkins * Nadine Johnson * River Jordan * Corinne Koonz-Pushman * Kieran Kramer * Suzette Latsko * Kellie Lawless * Amy McCandless * Terri McCrea * Dorothy McFalls / Dorothy St. James * Harriet McLeod * Jacqueline Maduneme * Susan Laughter Meyers * Jennifer E. Michaels * Dianne Miley * Mary Alice Monroe * Kathy Murphy * Carol Oropallo * Lisa Patton * Jane Perdue * Valerie Perry * Signe Pike * Mary Caroline Rhea * Emily Rosko * Nicole Seitz * Heather Solos * Shari Stauch * Ileana & Katina Strauch * Terry Ward Tucker * Marjory Wentworth * Karen Spears Zacharias

My August VCCA residency

Thanks to the Verna Ubben Fellowship, sponsored by Don Ubben and The Poetry Society of South Carolina, I had a wonderful two-week residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts from Aug. 15 until Aug. 29. There were a number of visual artists from NYC there at the same time, as well as a few writers and a composer or two--and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. Most of my time, though, was spent in my lovely studio--the Nancy Hale Studio, W-3--writing and revising all day, every day. It had a large corner desk where I worked and looked out the window at a field of grasses and mountains along the horizon. Daily I would tack new work up on the bulletin board beside my desk, accumulating poems day by day. That helped me keep up the momentum. VCCA is in a rural area and has horses and a herd of cows. The weather was beautiful, so each morning I'd raise the windows in my studio to hear the nearby crickets, crows, jays, and trains. Plus an occasional rufus-sided towhee.

While I was there, several of the artists--Scott, Fiona, Cynthia, Amy, and Patte--opened their visual arts studios to us for an hour or so, and it was inspiring to see their work in progress. So much talent! Also, Erika and Michael gave a poetry/musical program one evening. Later the next week, Michael Paul Thomas and I got together to give a poetry reading. Sharing our work was an important part of the residency for some of us.

Here's the link to VCCA for further information. It's a wonderful place!