Friday, February 27, 2015

Feb. 28: PSSC Writers' Group workshop -- "Writing toward a Poem's Mystery"

PSSC Writers' Group workshop:
"Writing toward a Poem's Mystery"
Saturday, Feb. 28
10 a.m. - 12 noon
Charleston Library Society
164 King St., Charleston, SC
Susan Laughter Meyers, instructor
Free for PSSC/CLS members & CofC students
$15 for all others
(PSSC membership, $25 annually; new members welcome.)
Contact: Susan at

Some of the most enduring poems, those that bear repeated readings, can claim both clarity and mystery. A poem’s mystery is achieved partly by its leaps, when much of the work of connecting—of getting from here to there—is left to the reader. Attendees are asked to bring a poem in progress, one that can benefit from greater mystery. Discussion, writing activities, and workshop packet included.

Feb. 19: Poetry workshop -- "This, Too, Is Me: The Self-Portrait Poem"

Thursday, Feb. 19
OLLI at CCU, Litchfield
Workshop: "This, Too, Is Me:
The Self-Portrait Poem"
Susan Laughter Meyers, instructor
10 a.m - 2 p.m.
Litchfield Education Center

How I enjoyed gathering with our small group on a cold, cold day for a workshop on the self-portrait poem. We gathered around a conference table to read exemplary published poems and to write a group poem, as well as to each write  a poem of our own. So many possible approaches to the self-portrait, and it was fun to hear the various approaches that workshop participants took. 

Feb. 9, 2015: Kakalak reading in Charleston

February 9 was the annual Kakalak reading at Monday Night Poetry & Music at East Bay Meeting House in downtown Charleston, SC. Richard Allen Taylor, one of the three editors of Kakalak, came down from Charlotte to facilitate the reading and introduce the poets who read as contributors in the 2014 Kakalak, a journal of work by North and South Carolina poets and photographers/artists. Charleston poet Richard Garcia won the 2014 Kakalak poetry prize, and about 8-9 others of us Lowcountry poets were happy to be a part of the program.