Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blog queen

My friend Carol and I made this blog tonight. She's the blog queen.


Clifford Garstang said...

Welcome to BlogWorld! It was great to see you in Charlottesville.

Susan Meyers said...

Hi, Cliff,
Great to see you too. And now I've linked your blog here. Carol showed me how by phone a few minutes ago.

This is all such fun!

Clifford Garstang said...

So you have! Now I'm going to link yours. That's what makes the blogworld go 'round.

Raven said...

susan i would like to know if you are the same susan that wrote a childs book with Marla Frazee? could you please let me know, i thank you. Raven

barbara said...

Hey, Susan,

So, you're ablogging, eh? Won't take you long to figure out how I found your page. Scary what a small world it is, isn't it? I'm excited about your book. Are you counting down the days? Did you write a children's book you never told me about?

Susan Meyers said...

Hello, Raven,

Sorry, that's another Susan Meyers. I've seen her books listed at Hope you find her!


Susan Meyers said...

Hi, Barbara,

I heard good things about your workshop. And, yes, I'm counting the days. I can barely sleep at night.


Anonymous said...

Hi again Susan,

Thanks so much for your time and thanks for letting me know where i can find her. God Bless you and have fun with your site.


Susan A. Meyers said...

Hello! I'm Susan A. Meyers and the author of the children's book, Callie and the Stepmother. Just stopped in to say hi.
God Bless,

Susan Meyers said...

Hi, Susan. Imagine that, two of us--and I'm sure there are many more Susan Meyerses throughout the land, the world. Strange to think about.

Welcome to my blog!