Sunday, June 24, 2012

Poems published by IthacaLit journal

The summer 2012 issue of IthacaLit features the poetry of Bruce Guernsey, plus the poems of twelve other poets. My poems "Helen of the Ravens" (for my friend Helen Brandenburg) and "Oilcloth of My Childhood" are included. The guest poetry editor for this issue is Diane Lockward. I'm delighted to be in the company of such fine poets. To view the issue, including an interview and art, go to IthacaLit

Bruce Guernsey * Rachel Abramson Dacus * Ruth Bavetta * K. R. Copeland * George Drew * Michaela A. Gabriel * Bridget Gage-Nelson * Tom C. Hunley * Karla Huston * Susan Johnson * Adele Kenney * Susan Laughter Meyers * Michael Young

Michele Lesko, founding editor
Sherry O'Keefe, editor
Madeleine Beckman, non-fiction editor
Katerina Stanton, copyeditor and design consultant
Kerry O'Gorman, photographer

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