Saturday, August 09, 2014

Fall Lines: Summer issue of Jasper magazine

Fall Lines reception, June 8, 2014
Fall Lines, the summer issue of Jasper: The Word on Columbia Arts, made its debut this summer. It offers a full issue of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction with a prize in poetry and prose. Mary Hutchens Harris won the Saluda Poetry Prize, and Nicola Waldron won the Broad River Prize for Prose. A reception was held on Sunday, June 8, to celebrate Fall Lines, along with its prize winners and contributors. Here are the contributors for Fall Lines 2014. Congratulations to all! I'm happy to be included, among so many talented poets and writers.

Dig and Delve – Nicola Waldron
April, 1965 – Betsy Breen
Soon – Jonathan Butler
Accidentals – Mary Hutchins Harris
Forgotten – Marjory Wentworth
Militants Ban School Bells in a Town in Somalia – Marjory Wentworth
Taste the Sound – Jennifer Bartell
Davy Crockett’s Last Stand – Nancy Brock
Like – Jo Angela Edwins
Island Time – Josephine Humphries
What I wish I had said to Billy Collins – Brandi Perry
Queens – Alexis Stratton
Almost – Angie Zealberg
Ghost Crabs – Hastings Hensel
Lap – Robert Petersen
Like a little bell he trembles III – Matthew Stark
Pilgrimage – Christopher Dickey
Want a ride? – Aïda Rogers
A Bike – Bob Blencowe
Cancer Voodoo II – Melissa Johnson
The Ache of Beekeeping – Tony Tallent
Ruts – Ray McManus
At Congaree Swamp – Nicola Waldron
My Father’s Chest – Jarred Coffin
Jumping into the Abyss of History, A Prologue – Megan Volpert
you burn me – Susan Laughter Meyers
The Gunpowder Craze – Doug Berg
One Quiet Morning – William Claxon
In May’s Blue Box – Linda Lee Harper
What Tassio Fulgrass Thinks of Life – Susan Levi Wallach
Letting You Die – Marlena Impisi
early November – Laura Rashley
Crazing – Lisa Hammond
Mission – Tara Powell
The Ride Back – Jo Ann Hoffman
Open Windows – Matt Mossman
Fishing for Bream – Ivan Young
Through a Glass Darkly – Debra Daniel

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